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Payments received - Jun 1, 2009 to Feb 23, 2011


checkbox Date flag columnWhen an icon appears next to one of your transactions, it means there is more information available or a note attached. Move your cursor over the icon to learn more about the transaction.
Type Name/Email Payment status Details Order status/Actions Gross Fee Net amount
Dec 13, 2010   Payment From   Completed     $17.00 -$0.79 $16.21 USD
Dec 11, 2010   Payment From   Completed     $17.00 -$0.96 $16.04 USD
Dec 10, 2010   Payment From   Completed     $17.00 -$0.96 $16.04 USD
Dec 10, 2010   Payment From   Completed     $17.00 -$0.96 $16.04 USD

The most common payment statusesView more status types

The sender cancelled this payment.
Completed (referring to a bank withdrawal):
Money is being transferred to your bank account. Allow up to 7 days for this transfer to complete.
Completed (referring to a payment):
Money has been successfully sent to the recipient.
The recipient chose not to accept this payment.
Money is being temporarily held. The sender may be disputing this payment, or the payment may be under review by PayPal.
This payment is being processed. Allow up to 4 days for it to complete.
Money was returned to the sender because the payment was unclaimed for 30 days.
The recipient hasn't yet accepted this payment.

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